Meet the current members of the Core Team who works effortlessly to bring Jesus to our hearts!

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We are in need of your talents to fill up the below roles which are marked with **! Please let us know if God is calling you to be a part of this amazing effort of bringing Jesus to our hearts by the Holy Eucharist!


Accountant/Website Up-date: John Walsh

 John Walsh

John Walsh is the Accountant for Generation Christ.  He helps track income and expenses, and works with Saint Thomas staff to coordinate proper disbursement of funds.  Additionally, he helped put together the latest version of the Generation Christ web site and coordinates any upgrades that might be needed.


 Altar Server Coordinator: Michael Haines

Michael Haines

As the Altar Server Coordinator, Michael is responsible for training and scheduling altar servers for the Holy Hour of Generation Christ. If anyone is interested in leading the celebrant through the local customs of Exposition of the Holy Eucharist, you can contact Michael This opportunity is available for males only.

Michael is a fourth-year graduate student studying optics at the University of Michigan. He hails from a suburb of Boston and received his bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Massachusetts Amherst. He currently serves as an usher, lector, and Extraordinary Minister of the Eucharist at St. Thomas. He has also been involved in the Knights of Columbus Council 587 for the past three years.


 Celebrant Scheduler: Thomas Dougan

Thomas Dougan

Tom works hard to make sure we are brought the Eucharist every Sunday. He works with the Priest and Deacons in the area to set them up for joining us at our Holy hours and helps them with ideas for the meditations. He is always looking for priest and deacons to help at Gen Christ if you know of someone who could come for a Holy Hour send an e-mail to Tom with their contact information to <>


Communications Coordinator: Christina Galloway

The Communications Coordinator drafts GenChrist’s Weekly Update – a constantly updated summary of southeast Michigan Catholic young adult events that is emailed every Friday to GenChrist’s 500+ email contacts.

Christina Galloway is the new weekly updater. Don’t hesitate to let her know of an event you wish to include in the weekly update, or to ask her any questions.


Delonis Center Coordinator: Brigid McNally

We have been volunteering at the Delonis Center since the beginning of Gen Christ. The last Sunday of the month Brigid coordinates an event to serve at the DelonisCenter by signing up our members for the first and second shifts. Keep a look out on our Facebook Group and weekly update and let Brigid know if you can help.


Facebook/ Special Events/ Survey/ GenChrist Young Professionals: Lauren Marie

Lauren Marie


Lauren puts all of our events are on Facebook, makes sure that you get invited and more importantly so you can invite your friends over Facebook. Some times she is the first one to welcome new people to GenChrist and help them get to know about the group and our activities. Don’t be afraid to message her!  Make sure you join our Groups on Facebook so you are guaranteed to get the invitations to our Events!

Special Events 

You could call Lauren the party planing committee. When we have a party a BBQ she helps with coordinating or finding people to help with putting on events outside of the Holy Hours.


Every January we ask for your input, this helps the Core Team plan and the Priest and Deacons know what interest you for the meditations. Lauren helps the team put the questions together and compile the results.

 GenChrist Young Professionals

As the group has evolved over the years this position ended up planing for most of the group as most of our members fit the GCYP criteria. If you would like to help me with having a special event for GCYP’s please let Lauren know. You can also use the Facebook page to connect with other GYCP

I graduated from UofM School of Art and Design in 2006. I have been involved in GenChrist since 2007 and then lived in SCH from 8/07-8/09.  I work as the Art Director for Miles Christi Religious order in Northville.


 Music Coordinator: Anthony Zick

Our musicians on Sunday nights rotate and work with each other to make sure we can praise our Lord with song at the Holy Hours. Anthony is the leader of the group and helps the rest of the Core Team know how they are doing. He also coordinates with the power point group to get the songs on the slides at each holy hour.

Anthony Zick is the interim music coordinator.  He has been a member of St. Thomas since childhood and a part of Generation Christ since 2008.  Also, he is a graduate of Eastern Michigan University, where he studied English and Creative Writing.  He lived in the Father McGivney house from 2009-10.  Generation Christ is an immense blessing for him.


**Powerpoint Coordinator:

This position holder makes sure that at each holy hour there’s a person signed up to do the slides for praise songs. We are looking for more people in taking turns to work on the projector each week when we have adoration. If you are the kind of person who loves to work with computers in using your talent in making slides to worship Jesus, Please do let us know by sending an email to



We are in need of a person who is passionate in taking important notes at our monthly meetings. Please email if you are interested serving in the core team as the secretary.


Thomas GenChrist:

This is the corporate profile of Generation Christ on Facebook.  He exists so that you may “friend ‘him'” in order to be be invited to all the GenChrist events created on the Generation Christ Fan Page.


Website Graphics: Sadeepa Munasinghe

Sadeepa makes sure that our website is up to date by updating the content in the web site. She works closely with the core team to make sure their needs are met through the web site. She also assist in coordinating special events that’s put up by GenChrist.

I have been involved with Gen Christ core team for about a year now as the coordinator for the Gen Christ website graphics. I am a graduate from Eastern Michigan University with a Bachelor’s from Simulation, Animation and Gaming.  I also volunteer in making videos at St. Thomas the Apostle church on special occasions as a means of evangelizing  to let the community know about special events. I very much feel Blessed to be a part of this great core team who works so generously by their God given talents to bring Jesus every week to especially Young Adults around the Ann Arbor area. This wonderful opportunity has been a tremendous Blessing from God to me.


Core Team Member:

All of the above people and the people listed below are dedicated to coming to the Core Team meetings and helping where they can. They will fill in sometimes when one of the other Core Team members are unable to fulfill their duties, they help with special projects and sometimes filling in when we don’t have enough people helping on the Service Team.

Adam Larson: Sunday nights at Generation Christ I give announcements about upcoming Catholic events.  Other times of the week I’m a grad student at UM.
Adam Larson


Paul Schultz: Member at Large and Catholic Culture Community Organizer

Paul Schultz

Paul Schultz succeeded SCH’s Theresa Gibson and served as Generation Christ’s Communications Coordinator from May 2009 to May 2013, when Katie Willette took over the duties of editing the Weekly Update. Ten years a Catholic and an alum of Fr. McGivney House, Paul represents St. Thomas and Generation Christ on the Theology on Tap Southeast Michigan Core Team, which brings speakers with theological training to address 100+ young adults in Ann Arbor on the last Thursday night of each month.  A “fish eater” before it was cool, Paul works to build Christian culture in Ann Arbor and serves as a preserver of institutional memory for Generation Christ.  Beyond his duties with GenChrist, Paul is also on the board of the statewide young adult Latin Mass group, Juventutem Michigan.



Retired NFL Superbowl Quarterback & UofM Grad Elvis Grbac Testimony giving testimony at Our Lady of Good Counsel in Plymouth MI on 3/13 from 8pm-9pm
This is the generation of those who seek Him. -Psalm 24:6

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