Dear Men of Generation Christ,

Every young Catholic man serious about his faith needs to discern whether or not he has the magnanimous blessing of being called to be a priest of Jesus Christ. The Fr. McGivney Fellowship exists to assist men in that process of discernment.

Once a month, generally on the 4th Tuesday of the month, single men who are discerning what God may be calling them to with regards to their vocation have the opportunity to come together for some good food and fellowship – a sumptuous meal, good company, and a talk afterwards, sometimes by a guest priest. The talks focus on principles of discernment, priests’ testimonies, and spiritual growth.

A typical evening:
5:30pm – Welcome
6:00pm – Evening Prayer
6:15pm – Dinner with great food prepared by the rectory cook, Jane
7:00pm – Talk/Discussion that goes no later than 8pm

So, this is an invitation from me to you to join us. Although it is not necessary, please RSVP to Tony Zick – tony at zick dot ws – by Sunday, if you think you may attend.

Hope to see you there.

What about the Fr. McGivney House?
The Fr. McGivney House, 521 Elizabeth Street, also exists to assist men who have an openness to the possibility that God may be calling them to the priesthood. The “founding fathers” of Fr. McGivney House were Nathaniel Dreyer, Nate Haverland, and Zach Mabee, each of whom is studying for the priesthood or for religious life. The Knights of Columbus recently published the story of the early years of the Fr. McGivney House.

In 2006, the St. Thomas Knights of Columbus purchased the house. There are currently four residents who form a very diverse group: a lay seminary student, a UofM engineering grad student (Aerospace & Atmospheric), a young professional and a WCC undergrad.

To help discern their vocations, the Men of the Fr. McGivney House live a common prayer life, joining each other and the priests of St. Thomas for Morning Prayer, Evening Prayer, and Night Prayer when their schedules allow. They make a particular effort to attend Morning Prayer on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.

The schedule for the Liturgy of the Hours:
Morning Prayer – weekdays, 6:40 am; weekends, 8:40 am
Evening Prayer – 6:00 pm
Night Prayer – 9:00 pm

While the Fr. McGivney Fellowship meets one Tuesday a month, the men of Fr. McGivney House meet on the other Tuesdays for dinner followed by either small groups (the house has two) or a meditation by Fr. Pat Egan, the house’s Spiritual Director.

Any man is invited to join the men of Fr. McGivney House for any of the prayer activities described above. In particular, men are invited to Sunday night Night Prayer at 9:00 pm, following Generation Christ’s Holy Hour.


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This is the generation of those who seek Him. -Psalm 24:6

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